We buy and scale
your Amazon Brand

Hand over your brand to Nuggets, a team of e-commerce experts, and continue to benefit as we accelerate your business.

Who we are

Nuggets Technology is founded by ex-Amazon and experts in the marketplace, retail, technology, operations, finance, and strategy, at Nuggets we have a proven growth playbook after working with hundreds of FBA sellers across Europe. We aim to partner and exponentiate the growth of each brand we work with.

Our mission is to consolidate and scale future Amazon FBA Champions in Europe.

Nuggets Technology office is located in Luxembourg.

How we work

Acquisition Process

1. Introduction Call

We assess the growth potential of the brand and give feedback within 48h on whether it is attractive for us to acquire a substantial stake of the business or not and a valuation range.

2. Due Deal

We deep-dive on key financial data / P&L and operations. We make you an offer within 1 week.

3. Closing & Integration

We take 2 additional weeks to sign all documents and close the deal. After clearing everything the seller should expect the money in his bank account within an additional week.

How we grow brands

Nuggets Playbook will help you benefit from +30% incremental growth from Day 1.

We combine multiple value levers by driving revenue growth and cost reduction to achieve hyper value growth of 5-10x in just 2 years of operations.

Want to take your business to the next level?