How we grow your business

We help digitally native brands grow their E-commerce reach and revenue without scaling up complexity and risk.

We Assess Your Business Performance

We sign an NDA, assess your business performance at product level and finally, share our purchase order with you within 48h                                                                                         

We Integrate your Brand with Gonuggets IQ

Our AI platform and BI dashboards  are now an extension of your team to optimise and/or sell across Marketplaces and Direct-To-Consumer channels

We Expand Your Brand Globally      

Once we’ve got Amazon and Domestic Marketplaces growing and under control, we’ll look at global expansion opportunities and Marketplaces we can dominate next

Why US

1. We are ex-Amazon leaders and experts in marketing, supply-chain, pricing and localization.

2. We act as an extension of your team and continuously provide data analytics and visibility on your growth trajectory with us.

3. We revamp your supply-chain to offer 1-2 day delivery time across EMEA.

4. We unlock your best performing marketing channels.

5. We offer localised top-notch listings to improve conversion.

6. We scale your brand in EMEA and across multiple marketplaces.

The Founders

Gonuggets’ founders have scaled hundreds of brands across multiples marketplaces, such as Amazon and Jumia, and scaled their own Direct-to-Consumer business on Shopify to become the leading player in its region.


Mamoun Benkirane

Co-CEO / Co-founder


Mekki Mouaddeb

Co-CEO / Co-founder

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We help digitally native brands grow their e-commerce revenue through global marketplaces, direct-to-consumer and retail sales channels. Fill in the form below to find out how we could support your business.

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